5G Speed to Break New Grounds

October 17, 2017 First Look, How To 0

Long live the king, it’s time to replace 4G. I know deep inside you still love it, but time has come to let go, it had a good run. However a newer and stronger contestant is about to enter the arena and he is ruthless. Get your phone ready for 5G speed because it is closer to you than you might think. Some say it’s right around the corner, waiting to smack you in the face, or screen!

5G Speed Limitations

At this very moment, I’m as excited as a person can be, I find myself absolutely and undoubtedly ready for the new 5G internet. It will be ground breaking, able to achieve speeds of gigabytes per second. That means you could download most common files and apps to your phone in pretty much zero time.

Humans have made internet on mobile devices a standard for more than a decade now. Ever since the early days when the speed was slower than your dial up internet connection and owning a stone age device that requires pressing buttons was still legal. Some years ago smart phone users have been introduced to 4G, a miracle packed in a metal box. That was some state-of-the-art technology considering the data speed back then. As years passed we started noticing every site we accessed and every app we downloaded on our phones slightly increasing in size, that was the downfall of 4G.

One Gbps Setting a New Standard

What was there to do? It’s not like we could get ourselves a new 4Gs right? For example, downloading Clash Royale was a pain, it would take hours on end. Not literally, but precious minutes, you could learn how to get Clash Royale gems free while the game was downloading, you get the point. All of that until recently when 5G was finally announced. Sources say it can reach speeds of GB/s, it might be a little overkill but nobody is going to complain about it. Word goes we’ll use satellites powered by solar light in order to spread the whole 5G network across the globe. It remains just speculation until further information.

You might be wondering, how come we did not get 5G speed until now? I’ll answer that question with another question, do you really think the environment we have could sustain those speeds? Sure we have the technology such as phones that can support 5G but the roots are missing, that’s the reason for all the satellite talk.

The individuals reasonable for this innovation are the fellas over at Qualcomm Snapdragon. They have been working on a modem chip that can sustain the 5G speed like no other chip before it could. Speed benchmarks in the video show the modem being able to reach speeds up to 1.2 Gbps but we rounded it to 1 Gbps just for the sake of it. The launch will supposedly take place as soon as 2019, we are not to far away from it. Keep in mind that 2017 started like seven minutes ago and we are already in mid October.

5g speed qualcomm snapdragon

Modem Zero

Each new generation brings new features to the table. Besides the obvious speed improvement and quality of the WiFi, the new 5G will cover a wider area of connection and will work more efficiently even when the network is crowded.

5G aims for a superior and faster response time than its predecessor. It also seems to support more people connected to one network without a major performance hit.

The patient zero of the modem industry is Qualcomms latest innovation, the Snapdragon X50 5G Modem, this is the hardware that raised the bar for the wireless internet industry and so far it is still in the testing phase. Imagine what this bad boy will be able to achieve when they finish their tests. There still is room for failure though, it will take time before the supported chip will be included in day to day smart phones that use Android or other operating systems, until that day comes let’s try and not lose the hope 5G has brought us.

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