Android Oreo Beta Build live on Galaxy S8!

November 5, 2017 Reviews 0

Awaited by many, including me, the Android Oreo Beta is now available, unfortunately it seems that only Samsung Galaxy S8 users can install it, or not? The Beta Build has also been leaked believe it or not, so it’s all just a matter of getting a hold of it and installing it on whatever device you want. We got our hands on one of those builds and we decided to put together a fast and fair review on how Oreo handles things. Frankly, so far it seems to be a more viable option than I thought, even during early stages.

Samsung users can updated their device to the new Android using the Samsung + or the Samsung Members application. Theoretically they have to apply for the beta and if they get selected then they can install the software. Keep in mind that in order to apply for the beta you need a working Samsung account and even if you do manage to install it, you will experience bugs and errors as it still is in the testing period.

No Android Oreo Beta for Europe

The one and only down side to what Android surprised us with today is that you can only access the Android Oreo beta if you live in the United States, United Kingdom or South Korea. Sorry Europe, it seems like you fellas have to sit this one out and keep the bench warm, that’s what coach said.

galaxy s8 android oreo branch

We had a previous insight in Oreo’s features and what to expect from it, most of the concepts we talked about seem to already be implemented in this Android Oreo Beta, meaning that Android has more up its sleeve than it first lets on. Looks like Open Wonder is indeed a wonder, one we’ve been waiting on for years too much.

User Thoughts and UI Changes

People who managed to grab the new version before anyone else already give the beta props for having a smoother feel and speed than the previous Nougat OS. They even shared some screenshots with us, they don’t say much but they give you an idea of what to expect. You can clearly see that we are getting a white color scheme. I’m not sure if that’s customizable or not, but I can live with the default theme they give us.

android oreo beta layout

Other than that, the UI hasn’t changed too much, yet. Most of the changes take place in the top bar with some things yet to be polished completely. One thing I do like more than before is the settings option, which is now more compact and more informative regarding what each option does. The only question left for me is whether Android Oreo devices will be able to support 5G speed, that would make a killer combo.

Promised and delivered, you can now customize the two bottom left and right apps on the starting screen to whatever app your heart desires. I already have a good feeling about this and I might just switch to Oreo on my phone even if it’s still in the beta stage.

App notifications will no longer show annoying dots with a number inside in order to let you know that you’ve got a message or whatever. Instead they opted for an annoying dot with no number in sight. There is definitely room for improvement in that department.

Installing Android Oreo Beta

If you don’t know how to install the Beta I suggest you watch a video tutorial on how to do it. There’s plenty to go around if one doesn’t explain it well enough. Installing it should be easy enough and I have a hard time trying to comprehend how you could bum that up, but anything can happen. Even running out of battery while the new version is installing could be fatal.

Your photos, videos or anything valuable should be backed up before giving up your old OS for the new one. Nougat may get jealous and make Oreo’s installation crash thus resulting in the loss of all your files.

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