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Ready or not, iPhone X is here and it’s about to rock your world. Stick around as we discuss the good and the bad it comes packed with. They mentioned that the probability of somebody unlocking your phone using their face is one in a million, so there’s a chance!

Last time we discussed the matter of the new Android Oreo Update, feel free to take a peak at the article if you are curious. This time however, Apple blew our minds with their new announcement. The world was almost literally turned upside down when our favorite creators announced their new art piece, the iPhone X. A stunning piece of technology long awaited by the Apple fans. We are happy to see that they take a step into no man’s land with the new interface and design.

Definitely not a lot of companies would have the courage to remove one of the main buttons of their phones or do it so well for the record. Every aspect of the new look is modern, polished and on point with very little flaws that can be addressed in the mean time.

The new iPhone X brings a new day.

With the introduction of the new Face ID feature, the iPhone X can feel a lot more responsive. Unlocking a phone with your face is something you see in movies, high budget ones. I find it especially interesting why people haven’t got around to liking this new system.

My guess is that most of them are afraid the phone won’t recognize them at some point, but Apple has mentioned the the Face ID can identify you no matter the circumstances, day, night, wearing glasses, having a beard and much more. In the end we’ll just have to see how good the Face ID recognition really is and maybe its likeness will take a turn for the better

The Good

  • Capacity wise, it comes equipped with either 64GB or 256GB of memory, at your choice. Just enough to store pictures and your favorite music, some apps too perhaps.
  • The new iPhone features a rounded edge instead of the old regular boring square one, the space on both sides of the speaker is used to show the time, battery percentage and other utilities usually found on the top bar.
  • The camera is a big leap from the previous generation. It comes equipped with a , your everyday camera will go as far as 12MP supporting 4K recording at 24, 30 and 60 FPS, 1080p at 30 or 60 FPS and 720p at 30 FPS. The camera has a 10x zoom and optical image stabilization when recording videos. Also, the panorama mode will snap pictures at a maximum of 63MP!
  • The iPhone X also seems to be made out of steel, or at least some parts of it. The sides are now more resistant than ever, giving up aluminum for steel seems like a fair deal.
  • Your favorite personal virtual assistant has also been updated, Siri7 is now live on iPhone X, ready to rock and roll.
  • Face emotion tracking, also known as Animoji. It’s worth mentioning that the new TrueDepth camera takes pictures of 7MP and it can not only use your own face as a password but it also gives you some entertainment on the side, making silly faces and turning yourself into an emoji.
  • Newer iPhone X models use the Qualcomm modem model, instead of Intel’s. After various tests, the performance of the new model seems to far exceed Intel’s modem chip!


The Bad

  • One of its utmost well received features is the face scan, while it sure does have a large influence among the crowd there are others who didn’t receive it so well. It can give the people using it a hard time, I guess some would rather stick to their finger prints and that’s fair enough.
  • The diagonal of the phone is going to be 5.8″ with a resolution of 2436px by 1125px. I’m not saying that is necessarily bad but we expected it to be a little larger. Nothing ground breaking but in my opinion 6″ would work wonders for the majority of the user base.

iphone x face scan

The Ugly

  • A little detail has also gone absolutely unnoticed, the home button. It’s gone, for real. What’s the big deal, we have had lots of products without a home button, too many to count, it’s not something vital. Plus you have to admit that the iPhone looks pretty slim without one, it fits like a glove, almost. While seeing the phone without a home button is refreshing, I think in the long run it may be a bad call, especially when the button looked great on the older devices, don’t fix it if it’s not broken.
  • It costs a small fortune, $999 to be exact. We’ve seen prices go up and down throughout the years, but we are talking about a grand here. None of the previous generation iPhones had this price at launch, is it worth the price? Time will tell.

TechRadar has also given the iPhone X a look and a heck of a hefty review, suit yourself here. They also compared the iPhone X to other phones and I must tell you, some of the smart phones there do give the new iPhone a good run for its money.

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