The New YouTube Monetization Rules

January 25, 2018 Spotlight 0

If you somehow managed to sober up from the new years in the last two weeks you may have noticed some slight but nevertheless painful changes to YouTube’s Monetization policy for the small channels. TLDR : Want monetization? You’ll need 1,000 subscribers and at least 4,000 hours of view time in the past 12 months to join the cool kids club. Pretty harsh changes at first glance, but it seems like YouTube takes a loss when it comes to small creators and it decided it would be best to limit the amount of people who can be monetized.

We all know 2017 was a hard year, alas we made it through. YouTube Rewind 2017 was a huge let down filled with dabs and fidget spinners, I really expected more from YouTube considering the path we walked in 2017. Some people say YouTube Rewind gets worse every year and that is the sad truth. Let’s hope they will fix it this year. The monetization topic has started a lot of open-ended topics and people are not happy, starting off on YouTube is already pretty hard as it, de-monetizing small channels is a step backwards but if you look closely it’s all a huge blade with two edges. Let’s see what the two parties think about the new YouTube monetization rules. Sadly it looks like the new rules are here to stay.

Perspective Matters

This is really a matter of perspective, from a huge corporation like YouTube’s point of view this means spending less money on not so popular YouTubers and from a creator’s point of view this means discrimination. Both of these are justified and you can’t argue their initial message, this is going to have an interesting fallout but if you are a small YouTuber do not lose hope and keep fighting to achieve your goal, you will eventually make it and you’ll feel twice as accomplished knowing you made it against all odds. If anything this could help you expand, try to get a Twitter fan base going on, spread over to Twitch, live stream and have people talk to you live while playing games or doing whatever it is you are doing!

At this point the only chance and option small creators is to keep hustling, with the requirements to be a part of the community growing harder to achieve as years roll by YouTube will have to change some things in the near future to make things better for all it’s creators, not only for the favorite list which contains popular YouTubers with millions of subscribers. So go on, broadcast yourself!

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