The dawn of a new era for Android

September 4, 2017 First Look, Spotlight 0

The dawn of a new Android version is upon us, the almighty Oreo is the chosen one, it shall serve us well during its reign. If you haven’t lived under a rock in the past two months you might know a couple of things about the new Android Oreo, but before you pull your bib out keep in mind that smartphones are not edible, you might even get food poisoning, watch out. What I recommend before watching the little animation they shared with us is grabbing a pack of Oreos, just in case you get hungry during the presentation.

Android Oreo Trailer

As a personal Android user I have to say I am more excited about this than I expected to be. “Why?” you’re asking? Because of the new adaptive icons set of course, kidding. The real reason behind my unsettling excitement is the new settings menu, or the remastered one I should say. They have reworked the menu, it looks much more slick and clean, they seem to be really smoothing out rough edges with this new version. Everything seems to finally have a place, they all belong together as one being. While some of the settings have been changed and renamed I have no doubt that this subtle change will go a long way with new comers.

One of the much needed changes is finally here, you can now open the app drawer from anywhere on the home screen, not just the dock. Truth be told I was this close to giving up on ever seeing this feature arrive, yet here we are, what a time to be alive.

A few more improvements that have been added and are worth mentioning :

  • Music player now picks up the color of the album cover that is currently playing, basically color coded media player.
  • UPDATED : New emojis, reworked I suppose, they look pretty neat.
  • NEW : Notification badges that appear on your main screen.
  • NEW : Picture in picture mode for videos.
  • NEW : Channels add categories that help manage app notifications.

Other things that might interest you is the bottom right and left apps on the starting screen, they can now be customized to pretty much any app that is installed on your phone, better late than never but a welcome change nonetheless.

You can now turn off and on the app badges, you know, those annoying red circles that show how many notifications you currently have for a certain app, man I hate that thing, glad it’s gone now. Also, when selecting text the pop ups are a little more detailed, selecting a phone number will prompt a call tab, selecting an address will give you the chance to open up Google Maps and look for said address in a matter of seconds.

As of 5-November 2017 the Android Oreo Public Beta Build has gone live for Galaxy S8 owners, if you own an S8 I suggest you give it a shot. The build has also been leaked and it can be installed on other devices, though it may be unstable due to some compatibility errors.

Final thoughts, plus the secret app.

We saved the best for last for obvious reasons, you can now snooze your apps, for 15, 30 or 60 minutes. A great example to show off this feature is saying you just dropped a great Tweet, the notifications start down pouring on you like it’s autumn and instead of muting the whole phone and risk missing a call/message you can just snooze the app that’s bothering you. Voilla.

One more thing I want to mention before you go and write a nice comment about this post is the secret app/game thingy. It’s just an octopus with well thought through tentacle physics, nothing related to an Oreo I’m afraid. Who knows, maybe it’s just a place holder and in the end we get something like a huge Oreo eating octopus.

*Dramatic fade*

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